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Save your travel time!
Belle Vue Batumi Residence has direct access to the popular Boulevard
and within walking distance from Batumi’s Old Town, 6th of May Park, Nuringel
lake and many other leisure and recreational facilities.

Между морем<br>и горами
Between the sea
and the mountains
The city of Batumi is one of a few cities in the world that allows its residents to take a dip in the Black Sea and climb mountains all in the same day.
The residential complex is located only 7 km from the international airport and 3 km from the railway station. It takes about 10 and 15 minutes respectively to get to your home.
Around the clock
Residents of Belle Vue Batumi Residence are offered exceptional service and access to amenities around the clock. With the adjacent 5* Hilton hotel, residents have direct access to the Spa, Restaurants and the Skybar.
The Adjarian coast is characterized by its humid subtropical climate with its mild winters and warm summers. Batumi benefits from an all year- round sea breeze allowing for unparalleled flora and fauna.


Here are a few of the tourist attractions situated within easy reach of Belle Vue Batumi Residence.

Residents of Belle Vue Batumi Residence have access to the services of 5* Hilton hotel nearby; Eforea Spa, retail outlets, restaurants, etc.
Озеро Нури<br>и Парк 6 мая
Nuringel is a natural lake forming part of the 6th of May Park. A splendid leisure domain ideal for walking, recreation or boating; dozens of amusement attractions and boat stations are scattered along the waterside.
Самый длинный<br>променад
The longest
The Seaside Boulevard of Batumi is one of the longest in Europe extending 8 km. Along the boulevard you will find bicycle tracks, cafes, bars, restaurants, children attractions and other amusement facilities.
This is one of the oldest Georgian museums with history tracing back over one century. The museum displays over 20,000 exhibits most of which are findings from an Adjarian excavation site.
дельфинарий<br>и зоопарк
and Zoo
The Dolphin is one of the symbols of Batumi. Batumi dolphinarium is considered one of the city’s landmarks allowing its visitors to enjoy a fascinating show and one-of-a-kind dolphin swim.
Batumi zoo is within walking distance from the dolphinarium.


Batumi is one of the oldest and most beautiful Georgian cities, a popular seaside and mountain resort.
Over recent years, the city has seen much development. The result is a charming series of low-level buildings with delicate balconies,
beautiful facades and quit cobblestone streets. The air is filled with the aroma of fresh coffee, the fragrance of citrus plants and sea breeze.
International branded hotels opened together with many restaurants and entertainments facilities.
Batumi is gradually growing into a prime location of cultural landmarks, venue for international concerts and preferred Black Sea resort.

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Batumi botanical garden

For those who love peace, sea air and the scent of flowers will be the best holiday destination Batumi Botanical Garden,
has no analogues in the world. On its territory miraculously grow plants,
taken from a variety of climatic and landscape zones of the world: Japanese cherry and date palm,
candy and lacquer trees, birch and bamboo, and thousands of other beautiful and exotic plants

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